Fall Break

There is a collection of memories I have yet to share from my first semester of sophomore year with all of you! Now that I have some time to remember everything that happened this semester, it’s time to record some of the highlights. I will begin with Fall Break and Parent’s Weekend 2012.

This year my parents came up from Argentina in time to take my boyfriend, Lane, and I to the Wilderness Lodge in Lesterville, MO for the long weekend of Fall Break. Not only was it my first time outside of the city, but we had a great time!


The Cabin

At the lodge we played frisbee golf, shuffle board, and board games, lounged in the hot tub, and ate our fill of delicious home-cooked comfort food. One day we went canoeing down the Blackwater River and we even got to see some good ol’ country musicians playing at the local music festival in Arcadia. On our drive home we stopped at the beautiful Elephant Rocks State Park. I would highly recommend this as a weekend trip if you have a long weekend to spend with the parents or grandparents!




Line Dancing at the Music Festival

National Park

Elephant Rocks State Park

Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks

During the week my parents biked the Katy Trail in St. Louis, continuing their adventure as they always do. The next weekend, however, we met up again to explore the city together. We went to Forest Park a few times, checked out the new sea-lion exhibit at the zoo, ate at my favorite places around town, and one day we got to check out the Soulard Farmer’s Market downtown. I had never been to the farmer’s market before and it was awesome. My favorite part was this little stand called Julia’s Market Cafe that served hot beans and rice and dumplings. Thanks again, parents, for a beyond lovely two weekends spent in Missouri!


Soulard Market

Chile Stand in Soulard Market

Chile Stand in Soulard Market