I’ve never needed anything and not been able to find it, thanks to the ample selection of stores in the area. Today I give you the rundown on shopping in and around WashU.


With Bear Necessities (convenience/clothing store) and Paws & Go (mini grocery store) on the South 40, and the campus bookstore on Danforth campus (where most of the classes are), you could probably go months without ever needing to step foot off campus. But where’s the fun in that? You’ll definitely want to check out the other places below to do some shopping.

However, sometimes you don’t have the time to go off campus. Or maybe you’re not in the mood for an excursion. In that case, it’s easier just to buy what you need on campus.

Here are some things I bought on campus this semester:

-alarm clock (the school selection ranges from simple to iHome)
-candy :3
-dorm snacks that aren’t candy
-all my school supplies
-laptop (I didn’t buy my laptop at school, but I’m just putting this here because it is an option)
-DayQuil (for when I was sick the whole first month of school because I was living in close quarters with new people and exposed to germs from all around the world)

Bed Bath & Beyond/Target/DSW/Trader Joe’s

Bedding and dorm supplies? See Option 1. Anything and everything? See Option 2. Shoes? See Option 3. Specialty retail store that is only found in 9 states — one of them being my lovely home state, California — that I love like crazy, and thus I’m oh-so-glad that one exists in St. Louis? Um…see Option 4.

These four stores are all located in the same vicinity, and you can take the subway or the bus. Either way, it doesn’t take very long to get there (maybe 20 minutes).

The Galleria

It’s a mall, just like the mall you have at home. In my case, it even has the same name as one of the malls at home. If a certain store is in the mall that you’re used to, it’s probably in the mall here as well. But you can check the store listing, just to be sure.

The Galleria also has several dining options, such as The Cheesecake Factory, St. Louis Bread Company, and Five Guys.

The (Delmar) Loop

The Delmar Loop, only a 10-minute walk from campus, is a must-see. Rated one of the best streets in America, The Loop features the St. Louis Walk of Fame, a movie theater, a bowling alley, bookstores, hair salons (including African hair salons), restaurants,  coffee shops, a record store, vintage clothing, and much more.


It’s a supermarket, and it’s a lot closer than Target (about a 15 to 20-minute walk off campus) if you need groceries. Do remember that the walk will be a bit harder on the way back if you’re lugging a bunch of groceries.


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