Thanksgiving on campus!

A hollow turkey made entirely of designer chocolate. It was oh so tasty.

As I watched my friends leave campus in droves for the Thanksgiving holiday, I began to feel a little homesick. I unfortunately wasn’t able to return home to California for Thanksgiving. Luckily, I participate in Home Plate, a program created by Chancellor Wrighton’s wife that aims to “provide a little taste of home” for WashU students.

My Home Plate family consists of Steven and Andrea Rosenblum, their three adorable young boys, and WashU students Ethan, Hannah, Olivia, and me. When we first visited the Rosenblum household in October, they asked us what we were doing for Thanksgiving. Upon discovering that Ethan and I would be staying on campus, they were kind enough to invite the two of us to accompany them to Mrs. Rosenblum’s mother’s house for Thanksgiving.

I was more than happy to accept the invitation. Although WashU dining services provides a nice Thanksgiving buffet for students, complete with a take-home box for leftovers, I really wanted a home experience.

I had a great time with the Rosenblums and their family. There were a lot of laughs, two very cute dogs, and the food was so delicious (warm apple cider, baked brie topped with cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar crumble, green beans, turkey, three different types of pecan pie, stuffing, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and more!). We ended the night with a competitive game of Trivial Pursuit. Mr. Rosenblum and his wife won 🙂 At the end of the day, it wasn’t hard to think of what I was thankful for–some home-cooked food and great company!