The Annual Semi-Formal

This was the flyer for the event. (Sorry the picture is so small.)

Last night I danced on the rooftop of an 18-story Hyatt Regency hotel. Why? For the annual semi-formal, of course! This year’s theme was reminiscent of the 1920s.

There was a lot of free food, including Fitz’s soda (a local favorite) and a full sushi bar. There was also a light-up dance floor, a balloon artist, and a photo booth with vintage props. Lots of dancing was done. Lots of fun was had.

But Dera, you might be thinking, surely an event as glamorous as that one costs big wads of cash! But you would be wrong. The entire event, including transportation, was only $5. For the same amount of money that it takes to buy a footlong at Subway, you can party like Jay Gatsby.

You see, all of this was provided by the CS40, the programming body for students living on the South 40. CS40 puts on other fun events, such as Safe Trick-or-Treat, movies on The Swamp, and trips to the City Museum (fondly referred to as a “giant playground for adults”), Six Flags, and baseball games. These events are either free or cost around $5, so it’s a fun and cheap way to hang out with your friends and explore St. Louis.

As luck would have it, neither my friend nor I had to pay for our semi-formal tickets. We were greeted in the lobby by two ushers who told us that if we answered a trivia question, we would win a free ticket.

The questions were:

1. How many world series have the Cardinals won?

2. What year was Washington University in St. Louis founded?

3. What was Washington University in St. Louis originally named, and what year was it changed to its current name?

4. What year was the construction of the Gateway Arch completed?

The answers, in order, are: 11, 1853, Eliot Seminary, 1856, and 1965.

My friend answered question 2 correctly and I answered question 4 correctly, so we both got free tickets. What luck!