Student Spotlight: Cameron


Name: Cameron

Hometown: Rye, NY

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided, but most likely Anthropology with a concentration in Global Health and the Environment.

Dorm: Dardick!

What’s the best thing about the dorm you live in?
Definitely having a bathroom that I share with my suitemates. It’s so nice not having to walk down the hallway to brush my teeth at night. Oh, and the people, too, obviously! Something else that is nice is having rooms like a Seminar room, Library, and Multipurpose on the first floor of Dardick which are great to study in if I don’t want to walk all the way to Olin Library.

Cameron and his roommate watch the presidential debate from the comfort of their dorm room.

What’s your favorite class, and why?
My favorite class right now is Introduction to Archaeology with Dean Dale. She is such an awesome lecturer and is also hilarious (and she’s also my 4 year advisor!). The material we are being taught is so interesting to me and I can’t wait to take more Anthropology courses down the line.

Are you involved with any extracurriculars? If so, what?
I recently got trained to be a SafeZones facilitator. SafeZones is a group on campus that facilitates discussion pertaining to LGBTQIA issues, and our goal is to foster a safe environment for all types of people here at WashU regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. I am also applying to be a tour guide in SAC (Student Admissions Council) and a leader of the Wilderness Project freshmen orientation program.

Describe your most enjoyable memory of college so far:
My pre-orientation program, Wilderness Project, has been my favorite memory of college so far. I became extremely close with a lot of people during the trip and almost all my friends did WP this year or were leaders. It fosters such an amazing environment, and having a lot of friends to start college with made the transition from high school to WashU so easy.

Favorite thing to eat at WashU:
For lunch, the Carvery wraps are a must-have, but I also love the comfort food station at Cherry Tree Cafe in Bears Den. The mac and cheese is dangerously good.

Fun fact: I have a twin sister! She goes to Middlebury College in Vermont.