WUSTL Secrets

A good part of the way through first semester one of my roommates stumbled upon an article by a self-referred “over-the-hill senior” that claimed to reveal “the most underrated WUSTL things”. The advice was published in Student Life, so you can access it there, but basically – here are the highlights of the list made:

1) Psych Experiments: You can sign up as a paid volunteer for these experiments at http://experimetrix.com/wu/ . The experiments usually pay around 10 dollars an hour, which is great if you can get a few in a week!

2) The Gargoyle: Our very own concert venue on WashU campus that brings bands throughout the entire year and tickets are cheap. Last semester one of my roommates was part of the Gargoyle crew and one day she came home with free tickets to see Young the Giant at the Pageant – which was amazing!

3) The Music Library Reserves: An extensive amount of music can be accessed by any WashU student at these reserves to listen to at the library.

5) Jazz at Holmes Lounge: Throughout both semesters once a week (I believe last semester it was every Thursday) there are Jazz performances held in Holmes Lounge, a perfect setting to either study, chat, and listen or just listen to some smooth jazz.

The other secrets you will just have to discover for yourself…