The First 40

Many universities help incoming freshman celebrate the unforgettable first few days of school with different orientations. At WashU not only is there an approximately five-day extensive orientation program to get things started, but there are special events hosted specifically for freshman throughout the first forty days.

The First 40 program is put on by The First Year Center that pledges You’ll Never Forget Your First 40!

I recommend that you go to as many events as possible during both orientation and the First 40 because it is a great way to get to know campus and greater St. Louis much faster than you might otherwise. To see all of the specific events that were included last year in the First 40 click here, this year’s schedule should be available soon, and some of my favorite events include the following:

The Big Bang: A huge private celebration at the St. Louis Science Center on the outskirts Forest Park for WashU. There were performers on almost every level, huge Omnimax movie screenings, a planetarium show, and I even drove my first Segway!

My WUSAs and floormates at The Big Bang!

First Floor Dinner: The theme of this dinner, last year at least, is a taste of St. Louis. It includes a variety of infamous St Louisian cuisine such as toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake, which you will quickly become acquainted with.

Service First: This is a community service outing that the entire class takes to multiple local schools. My floor went to Brittany Woods Middle School to help design and paint decorations throughout their hallways and gymnasium and set up a garden and fence outside.

Brittany Woods Middle School: Service First

These are just a few of the many many events that you will experience!