And the Adventures Continue

A quick account of how three WashU students, one American, one Chinese, and one Singaporean, tackled Sao Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in the Americas, for the weekend!

Saturday 6.16.12

We woke up around 7am in order to catch a ride to the outskirts of Sao Paulo. Two metro lines and two buses later we arrived at a beach town outside of the city called Guaruja by noon. We quickly settled in for the day with rented chairs, a fresh coconut stand nearby, and white sand all the way down the beach. It was peaceful, relaxing, and exactly what we needed.

Caroline & Me in Guaruja

We returned to the city in the early evening and headed straight to Liberdade, the Japanese neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Lonely Planet guided us to a popular and affordable spot where we warmed our bellies with Misso soup.

We spent the night in the International Hostel of Sao Paulo Downtown. It seemed like a popular place for young travelers and especially backpackers.

Sunday 6.17.12

The next morning we ended up returning to Liberdade to see the famous artesian fair there. I parted ways from Caroline and Clement for the rest of the afternoon to meet one of my grandfather’s old friends for lunch.

View of Sao Paulo

This 81 year old man shared a fascinating story of his life with me that began as a Hungarian refugee during World War II. From there our conversation quickly progressed into a more abstract reflection on life. Sitting across from him while we ate fish from the Amazon in Sao Paulo, Brazil, knowing that he had known my grandfather, a man I miss dearly, was both beautiful and mind blowing. I learned so much, and yet I feel that I have so much more to learn. I realized that it is important to take advantage of opportunity and explore the world, because the world, as Tamas told me, is magnificent!

Amazonian fish for lunch