Where’s Tim?

I first spotted Tim, Tim Bartholomew, when I arrived at the Sao Paulo airport in Brazil. He had just gotten off the plane after traveling 33 hours from Denver to St. Louis to Charlotte to Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo and ready to board a bus to the State University of Campinas!

Anyway, since I am obsessed with taking photos with my new ca

mera, still so psyched about it!, I have decided to follow Tim, a freshman Chemical Engineering major at WashU, as he explores the academic experiences that Unicamp’s Chemical Engineering department has to offer us, the EECE International Experience class, and the culture shock (and specifically the language barrier of Portuguese) of living in Brazil.

1: The background behind Tim is part of the Unicamp campus. It is enormous!

2: A train station we stopped out while touring Campinas

3: Welcome Ceremony dinner

4: A church in a neighborhood of Campinas

5: A walk we took in the “jungle”

6: Lunch at Unicamp

7: Sugar Cane Mill w. Tim and Me

Keep posted for more photos to find out where Tim is in Brazil!