In Brazil!

After a grueling day of travel for the majority of this Summer’s EECE International Experience Class, the group arrived safe and sound in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on May 24th, ready to begin an adventure.

After getting off the airplane, we loaded a bus that took us to Unicamp, University of Campinas in Sao Paulo, where we will be spending the majority of our stay in Brazil. We ate pizza, showered, and quickly went to bed to prepare for the early morning.

Friday morning, we woke up to breakfast at 7am (a struggle for the jet-lagged!), then took the campus circulator to the Chemical Engineering buildings to begin our first lecture series. Our lectures introduced us to the inner workings of Brazil, beginning with some basic introductions of the country, and quickly progressing into the specifics of chemical engineering research being done here at Unicamp with specific interest in the biofuel research.

Our next stop was the cafeteria. We walked into the cafeteria, and at first you couldn’t tell where everyone was eating, then when you looked over the side of the balcony, a mass of students appeared and it suddenly became clear that this was no Bear’s Den. The food was good! I was just surprised by the large crowd and silver trays which they served food on in a traditional cafeteria style. 

After lunch, we took a tour of the university which was enormous! In total about 37,000 students, undergraduate and graduate students, attend the university, but the campus itself is also huge! It actually seems like its own city.

Here is the group! We are having a fantastic time so far, keep posted for more updates.