WUSA: Part 1

The very first person I met upon my arrival in August was a student who referred to himself as a “WUSA”. I soon learned that there were two WUSAs assigned to each freshman floor who freshmen initially meet during orientation, but work throughout the entire year to facilitate the transition to WashU. There is also a WUSA program for transfer/exchange/dual-degree students as well. The WUSAs work to provide academic and social advice; they forever strive to foster a strong community among the freshman floor. My WUSAs, Zach and Anna, have organized a variety of activities for my floor ranging from attending a Penguin Parade at the St Louis Zoo, a floor brunch, and weekly WUSA Wednesday gatherings!

I just finished going through the application process for applying to be a WUSA for next year’s WashU freshmen. After a written application, individual interviews, and surprisingly interactive group interviews, the WUSAs of 2012/13 were “initiated” on just this past Tuesday night. Three people were selected from my floor: Leslie, my boyfriend – Lane, and myself (Go Beau2!). I’ll keep the details of the initiation on the DL…but you can see a photo of the first of many WUSA t-shirts to come below!

Note: This is one of many blogs to come about my future WUSA experiences, as this is just the beginning and I am so excited to see what the WUSA community has in store for me!