Thurtene is the largest student-run carnival in the entire nation! Students work day&night to set up their individual “houses” in which they then perform plays. One of the fraternities here at WashU opts out of participating in the house-making-play-performing part of the carnival and instead mans a booth that deep-fries whatever you bring them. In addition to that, they offer everything in between ranging from hamburgers and hotdogs to deep-fried twix and chipwiches! It’s disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. That being said, my boyfriend brought a mini cupcake, brownie, coconut macaroon, and cinnamon roll to deep fry. I was absolutely not going to try any of it, but after the first bite I was a goner – the deep-fried cinnamon roll was honestly to die for. One of the members shared that last year they actually deep-fried someone’s broken iphone! Right after inhaling that…food? We went right over to the boat-ride, for lack of a better word. My stomach was in my throat within seconds, which was a thrill. Next, we toured the different houses that various sororities and fraternities had constructed on campus, bought lemonade from Lock&Chain, a sophomore honorary society, and continued on our way. Go Thurtene!