Grandparents’ Weekend

Warning: this post may be a bit extensive, but if you want the in on a perfect itinerary for when your grandparents visit for the weekend – you should definitely keep reading!

My grandparents, Grandma Nita & Grandpa Phil Love, came down Friday afternoon to spend some quality time with their granddaughter: mua. They arrived promptly after my last class of the day and from there we began our adventures. Food is always, parents&grandparents always seem to know this, a perfect present for college students, so when I opened the back of the trunk to four easter baskets (one for each roommate, my boyfriend, and myself) I was beyond thrilled! Inside there were lemon drops, bubbles, delicious peanut butter cookies, and some other goodies – see photo below. Thanks, Grandma!

After packing up a few unnecessary winter clothes, in case you’re unaware St Louis experienced 90 degree weather just last week, we headed out to relax in Forest Park for the rest of the afternoon. We settled in a shade covered, grassy patch at the bottom of Art Hill; it was lovely out. Both my grandparents were not only decked out in their WashU attire, but their jackets bore the emblem of “WashU Grandparent”. Though we stay in excellent contact, I hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving so we spent the rest of the afternoon catching up in greater detail and enjoying the sunshine.

Returning back to the dorm around 6:00pm, we parted ways to clean up before dinner. After researching a variety of restaurant options we chose the Trattoria Marcella in The Hill, an infamous Italian neighborhood of St. Louis. I recommend using the GPS to get to the restaurant because the streets are bit confusing, but the search is absolutely worth it.

Back when my grandma and I were planning out the evening she suggested I bring a friend to dinner. I asked “Would it be alright if I brought my boyfriend?” and she instantly replied “I was hoping you would say that!” So,  the four of us headed out to a 7:30pm dinner reservation at the restaurant. After introductions were made, we were soon joking and laughing together. Within minutes my grandpa had his spoon dangling from the end of his nose, see below, and we were stuffing our faces with delicious Italian cuisine!

On our drive home Grandma decided that it was Ted Drewes time! We passed the frozen custard place on the way to dinner and it was packed and as we pulled up to participate ourselves – it was the same! We all chose our own flavors: vanilla, Reese’s!, banana, and butterscotch, and we were blown away. Hands down. It was the best frozen custard I have ever had in my entire life!  I think we may have even provided a little, to say the least, entertainment for the surrounding crowds, as we were clearly enjoying ourselves. Oh dear.

After Ted Drewes and an overall perfect night out, Lane and I returned to campus as my grandparents continued back to their hotel, The Moonrise (a hotel on the Loop that I would HIGHLY recommend). However, the weekend was not nearly over.

The next morning they picked me up at 9am for a delightful breakfast outing. We went to Winslow’s Home, a mouth-watering breakfast place not too far from campus. We each ordered something different: Corn Beef Hash, I believe, was one of the choices, I had french toast with berries, and Grandma had a broccoli&cheddar quiche. To top it off we had hot coffee, and truly fresh squeezed orange juice. It was the perfect breakfast to start a Saturday. Not only is the home a breakfast place, but it also runs a small market/store with fun things to buy and delicious deli items! After breakfast we parted ways for the time being, but I look forward to many more visits such as this one.

Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for a beyond lovely weekend!