Don’t Look Up: Netflix Film (A Review)

Introduction This is not the typical article content I write on. I’ve previously written about the performance piece “For Colored Girls”. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read that article, please go check it out! Now, the film I will be reviewing today is a Netflix original film titled “Don’t Look Up”. “Don’t Look […]

My Final Winter Break (Journal #1)

With the end of the semester finally past us and the holidays in full swing, I’d like to take this time to congratulate my peers. Congratulations to everyone for completing yet another semester and making it to winter break. Whether you are a freshman or senior, maintaining a good academic standard in the world today is no easy feat. We have finally made it to winter break.

Hope Allchin portrait in Brookings Quadrangle

You are more than the sum of your parts.

It’s cliched, but it’s true: human beings cannot be captured by a single number, a short answer prompt, or an activities list.

And for this reason, application review is my favorite season as an admissions officer. I feel lucky every time I open an application and get the opportunity to share a student’s world, if only for a moment. Our mission is to see you as a whole human being, a part of your communities, and a future WashU Bear.

APAP member speaking with a prospective student

APAP alumni interviews—or, why is this WashU alum contacting me?

Here at WashU, interviews are optional. Some of you may have interviewed with a current student while deciding whether to apply. For applicants who did not interview already, you have the option to take advantage of an alumni interview, if one is offered to you.

Admissions Officer Elena Wandzilak with the WashU Bear

Early Decision and WashU

Every year, as the Early Decision deadlines approach, I hear a lot of rumors about this application plan. Students tell me things that a neighbor, older cousin, or friend’s brother’s uncle once said to them about Early Decision, so I want to spend my time in this blog post talking about the facts and myths of Early Decision (ED) directly from me, a WashU Admissions Officer.

Top 3 Tips for a Successful College Career

Here is some advice I was given before coming to college, as well as when I made my way to WashU. I hope these tips can help you like they helped me.

Stress and University

Stress & University, Pt. I

With my undergrad career finally reaching its final chapter, I’ve been looking back on the past three to four years with a different perspective. Most students go into university prepared for a high stress level and more difficult academics. However, each student’s college experience is different and college is much more than academic stress. I’m starting this mini series called “Stress & University” to reflect on my highest peaks of stress in university. Each part will recount how I dealt with stress and how I learned from it. My goal with releasing these articles not only is to educate those entering university, but as a form of self regulation as well.

Victor Thomas with the WashU Bear mascot

Busting myths about demonstrated interest

Our decision to eliminate demonstrated interest doesn’t change our commitment to understanding your unique circumstances, and shouldn’t change how you approach sharing your story with us in your application. Instead, it supports our commitment to create an equitable and accessible process for all applicants. And it puts you in the driver’s seat, navigating our programming based on your true interests in an effort to get to know us better. As a result, you’re able to craft the strongest application you can in a highly selective environment.


Finally: A Letter to Senior Year

I feel like I’m living in the future even writing this. It feels like it was yesterday that I was applying for colleges aimlessly, worried about what would become of me after high school, and unsure of what the next steps were.

Top 25 Things to Do and See at WashU (for the Class of ’25!)

Hello to the incoming WashU Class of 2025! It’s hard to believe that summer is starting to wind down and in a few short weeks, you’ll all be coming to campus. In honor of you all being the Class of ‘25, the other student admissions interns and I have come up with a list of the Top 25 things to do and see during your time at WashU. We hope you enjoy!

Summers in University (A Reflection and Guide)

The first summer break after my first year of college was one of the most shell-shocking seasons of my academic career. Some of my classmates were already doing internships while others pursed jobs. I, on the other hand, just used my summer break as a break! Is there a correct way to spend the summers […]

Little Lessons from Undergrad, Part I

I came into my undergraduate career bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and with no idea what to expect. I was full of hope and even some expectations. Even though college isn’t wilding different than what I originally imagined, I’ve learned and experienced many new things. These new things were a mixture of good moments, bad moments, and even some that fall on neither side. In this article, I will be sharing little lessons I’ve learned over the course of my undergrad years.

Major Minor Fair on the Washington Univesrsity campus

How to Choose Your Major

It’s the first question I hear when meeting someone new on campus: what’s your major? For me, this question didn’t have an answer until my second-year at WashU. I came in undecided in Arts and Sciences, and officially decided in the Fall of my sophomore year to major in Political Science.

Portrait of Rebecca

A new blogger saying hi!

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I am a rising senior (which is crazy, I can’t believe I’m that old). I am from the suburbs of Chicago (go Sox) and am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. At WashU I am really involved in the outdoors community, and run an orientation backpacking trip for first years. I also am training to be a DJ for our school radio show- my roommate and I are planning on mainly talking for an hour and seeing who listens.

All on My Own

So, you’ve made it. Congratulations! Even though there is still a good two months before the fall semester, as an incoming freshman, that first semester of your college journey is probably all you can think about right now (that’s all I did summer 2019 c:). For some, this is the first time you will be away from home for a long period of time, something that seems daunting. For others, this distance from home is something that you have been longing for. Whatever the case may be, it is important to create your own home while in college.

Outside of Sumers Welcome Center

Welcoming visitors back to WashU

After not having prospective students or families on campus for over a year, we are thrilled to welcome visitors back to campus this summer for WashU Walk-Through through August 13, 2021! Exciting right? You probably have questions. I have some answers.

Rachel Miller portrait

Meet a New Blogger

My name’s Rachel and it’s wonderful to meet you! You’ll see my name pop up a few times this summer on our blog, so let me take a moment to introduce myself.


An Introduction To Me

Hi readers! My name is Ashutosh, and I am originally from the Bay Area in California. I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, planning to major in biology (undecided on track) and maybe minor in healthcare management.