Food Truck Tuesdays?

Hi guys! I have some huge gossip/news to share! There was a food truck on campus today for lunch. Yes, a food truck! Is this for real?? Rumor has it that this was a pilot project. If successful (which, judging from the gigantic line today), this might become a reoccurring event for EVERY Tuesday for the rest of the semester!

Familiarity in an Unfamiliar City

Hi everyone! I just returned from a fun trip to Las Vegas! The most unexpected thing happened there: I met up with a Wash U friend of mine, David, without planning at all. This shows that even though the world is gigantic, the “Wash U Bubble” is always home sweet home.

Katelyn takes every opportunity to learn and grow at WashU

Katelyn, a sophomore from Phoenix, chose WashU for the scholarship and research opportunities. What she has found here, however, has been more enriching than she ever could have imagined.

Congratulations to students admitted to WashU’s Class of 2021!

Yesterday was an exciting day at WashU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions! We posted admission decisions on the WashU Pathway and simultaneously mailed packages to admitted students.

A Day In The Life

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while now. My days at WashU are always jam-packed with activities, but it rarely feels too overwhelming. Instead, my full schedule keeps me moving, and allows me to feel continuously productive. Each day is unique, as my class schedule differs. This past Monday was particularly eventful though, so I’d like to take you through it.

Creating new knowledge through research

WashU students ask questions. They test theories. And they create new knowledge through their research. It doesn’t matter if they’re in a traditional science or engineering lab, in the library pouring through archival texts, or in the studio analyzing movement or art.

Alum named one of most creative people in business

Joining the likes of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and actor/writer/comedian BJ Novak, WashU alumna Laura Javier has landed a spot on Fast Company’s list of 2016’s Most Creative People in Business. Javier has been a product designer for Facebook since she graduated in 2011.

Respites on Campus

When I was abroad, I never expected to find spiritual and calming places. At first, I had trouble differentiating between the plethora of churches in Italy. All of the frescoes started to look the same. I became frustrated. As architecture major, I should have been able to tell and appreciate the difference.

Let it Snow (Ice Cream)

Hey all! The weather is warming up here, so I thought I’d do a small vignette about one of my new favorite ice cream places!

An Intimate Evening with The Occasionals

I spent yesterday evening volunteering at a fun event for my internship. In my last post, I mentioned that I am a Development and Fundraising intern at Angel Band Project. Last night, I attended “An Intimate Evening with The Occasionals,” which was this Mardi Gras themed fundraising concert at Joe’s Café with music, food, and drinks.

WashU is part of the Broadway landscape

Washington University alumni share their magical stories about working on Broadway, becoming part of a larger cultural conversation and, ultimately, making a difference.

Development and Fundraising Internship

Hi everyone! For the past few months, I have been interning at a local non-profit organization, Angel Band Project. Angel Band Project is a national, non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. Its mission is to break the silence surrounding sexual and intimate partner violence and to provide healing for survivors through the power of music.

Another Year Backstage

This past weekend, I had the honor of participating in WashU’s annual Lunar New Year Festival performance. This marks my third year working stage crew for this show, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Alumnus faces fears to deliver critically acclaimed novel

“No more playing it safe.” Garth Risk Hallberg, an English major who graduated from WashU in 2001, faced his fears to deliver an epic, sprawling story that explores the people, places and ideas that shaped America’s greatest city. Here, he talks about life events leading up to the novel, as well as his experiences at WashU.

The Road to Copenhagen

For me, it all came down to study abroad. Who was going to let me study what I loved, in a place I was excited to visit? Spoiler: It was WashU.

Bringing a psychologist’s perspective to the business school

As a psychologist working in a business school, Markus Baer teaches interesting classes – and does equally important research – on an area where those two fields intersect. He focuses on behavior in the workplace and, specifically in his undergraduate course, creative problem solving.

Year of the Rooster

Hi everyone! I spent this past weekend celebrating Chinese New Year here in St. Louis. Now, you might be wondering why I celebrated it a week late (since Chinese New Year was last week!)—this is because I spent the last week celebrating with family, so I spent this weekend celebrating with the greater St. Louis community. Hello, year of the rooster!

21st Birthday Dinner

Hi everyone! What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than going to Ibby’s? That’s right, I spent my birthday at my favorite place on campus: IBBY’s. And, I got the bananas foster while being surrounded by 18 friends. We had to split the table into two, but everyone was able to get their food and eat dessert. 🙂