‘First and foremost, she cares’

Some call her Superwoman. Jami Ake is a woman who wears many hats – teacher, advocate, dean, researcher, advisor, mentor, volunteer – but what makes her “super” is that she manages to be fully present in each role, and she cares deeply about her students and her work.


How to choose a major without really trying

Last week, I stood behind a table alongside one of my professors, and chatted with freshman and sophomores about the Children’s Studies minor. Our table was one out of upwards of 70 tables, which goes to show the depth and breath of WashU’s academic offerings. These tables were part of an annual event WashU puts […]

Student Union President Kenneth Sng speaks during Convocation on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2016.
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Student Union president to welcome debate audience

When Kenneth Sng ran for Student Union president last year, providing the welcome at a nationally televised presidential debate was not in his job description. But we certainly don’t hear him complaining. The president just received official word that he and Chancellor Mark Wrighton will welcome the audience at the presidential debate on October 9, and they will present the candidates with Washington University apparel.

Undergraduate and graduate students from Washington University in St. Louis gathered Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016 for the kickoff event for WashU Votes, an effort to encourage student involvement in the 2016 election and the 2016 Presidential Debate being hosted on the WU Campus Oct. 9, 2016. The WashU Votes program is part of the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. Haley Dolosic, president of the Graduate Professional Council and Cassandra Klosterman, Voter Engagement Fellow at the Gephardt Institute deliver remarks.

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Undergrads find a myriad of ways to get involved with debate activities

“This nation will not be more passionate, determined, and idealistic than its young people.” CNN political contributor Van Jones made this poignant statement while speaking to the Washington University community earlier this month.


New Beginnings

It’s Fall 2016 and I’m officially back at WashU to start the new year. I’m a senior now so I basically know the in’s and out’s of the campus and its workings, right? Absolutely not. If anything, being away from WashU for basically 9 months has made me less sure than I used to be. […]


ED is EZ!

Hi everyone! This time four years ago, I was busy preparing for the dreadful process of applying to colleges. I remember taking my first ACT test during the fall of my high school junior year. Later on, I applied for a summer program at Washington University. When senior year came around, I applied Early Decision and received my acceptance letter from Washington University! While this entire process sounds smooth and simple, I promise you that I was anxious, nervous, scared, and even overwhelmed the entire time. Well, at least until I knew for sure that I was going to college. 😛


Summer Trips and Productivity

Every September, I always think about how summer felt so long and so short at the same time. In a twist, I had an internship the summer after my freshman year, but I did not have one this summer. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t make the most out of my time at home.


First Apartment

Let me be honest: moving into an apartment for the first time is SCARY. When I first made my packing list back in summer, I remember listing out everything I could potentially use, including items such as toothpicks and bubble wraps. My packing list ended up being over 5 pages long, which did not help calm my nerves before the big move-in day. I ended up making three car trips in order to move everything into my room.


Insider Tips for Living Life at WashU

Lots of things tell you how to live your life as a college student. Bed Bath and Beyond college shopping guides, moms, freshman floor meetings, online forums on college comparison websites, etc. This post is not that. If you used this post as a how-to manual for doing college, you’d be very sad very fast. It’s […]


Summer is the time for…research!

Hi everyone! I would like to share a bit more about my summer experience. This summer, I had an internship here in Chesterfield, Missouri. I was a Research and Resource Development Intern at an international, nonprofit organization called Junior Chamber International. Overall, I can definitely say that I have learned a lot from this internship and that it has solidified my interest in my studies even more.

There used to be about 20 more storage boxes on top of this.

Taking the Leap and Moving Off Campus

Hey everyone! It’s been a long summer since the last time I’ve posted. My summer was quite productive, but I’ll talk about that in a later post. To kick off this new semester, I had quite the interesting week and a half. For the rest of my college career, I will no longer be living […]


2020 Vision – A new class at WashU

Washington University in St. Louis welcomed 1,780 new students — from 50 states and 25 nations — last Thursday. They spent the day unpacking linens, meeting floormates and learning the traditions of their residential colleges. Classes started yesterday!

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NYC Summer: Adult Edition

Before I left for school, my grand-little came to visit me in New York. While we were catching up, she referred to me as an adult. I was shocked hearing this. If someone younger than me perceives me as an adult, then I’m officially an adult, right?

Harambee Logo

Harambee: In Search of Lifelong Friends

I know that the day I decided to get wholeheartedly involved in the things the WashU community offers is the day when I truly began to find my people.


A Snippet of Bear Beginnings

Welcome Class of 2020!

Deanna Barch, PhD, professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences and professor of psychiatry and radiology in the School of Medicine, focuses her research on the emotional and motivational problems that affect how people with schizophrenia function on a daily basis. She directs the Silvio Conte Center for Neuroscience Research, which seeks to explain what is happening in the brain so that better treatments for schizophrenia can be designed.
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Psych professor involves students in important mental health research

Deanna Barch, PhD, devotes her career to improving the lives of people living with schizophrenia and depression – while simultaneously providing her students with the teaching, mentorship, and research experience they need to excel in their own careers.


Where Should You Live Freshman Year?

Take this quiz to find out!


Farewell! (kinda……jk not really)

Hey everyone! The summer is nearly over and I’ve so enjoyed sharing my student/intern experience through the interwebs with you all, and I hope you’ve equally enjoyed reading it all . I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most about being an intern in Admissions this summer has been sharing my school and my experience with […]