2020 Vision – A new class at WashU

Washington University in St. Louis welcomed 1,780 new students — from 50 states and 25 nations — last Thursday. They spent the day unpacking linens, meeting floormates and learning the traditions of their residential colleges. Classes started yesterday!

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NYC Summer: Adult Edition

Before I left for school, my grand-little came to visit me in New York. While we were catching up, she referred to me as an adult. I was shocked hearing this. If someone younger than me perceives me as an adult, then I’m officially an adult, right?

Harambee Logo

Harambee: In Search of Lifelong Friends

I know that the day I decided to get wholeheartedly involved in the things the WashU community offers is the day when I truly began to find my people.


A Snippet of Bear Beginnings

Welcome Class of 2020!

Deanna Barch, PhD, professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences and professor of psychiatry and radiology in the School of Medicine, focuses her research on the emotional and motivational problems that affect how people with schizophrenia function on a daily basis. She directs the Silvio Conte Center for Neuroscience Research, which seeks to explain what is happening in the brain so that better treatments for schizophrenia can be designed.
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Psych professor involves students in important mental health research

Deanna Barch, PhD, devotes her career to improving the lives of people living with schizophrenia and depression – while simultaneously providing her students with the teaching, mentorship, and research experience they need to excel in their own careers.


Where Should You Live Freshman Year?

Take this quiz to find out!


Farewell! (kinda……jk not really)

Hey everyone! The summer is nearly over and I’ve so enjoyed sharing my student/intern experience through the interwebs with you all, and I hope you’ve equally enjoyed reading it all . I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most about being an intern in Admissions this summer has been sharing my school and my experience with […]

6.2.2016--The Sumers Recreation Center.
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Sumers Rec elevates WashU sports and recreation

A whole new ballgame. A league of its own. A game-changer. Whatever cliché you use to describe it, sports and recreation at WashU are expanding. This is big. The Sumers Recreation Center is set to open October 29, offering 50,000 square feet of renovated area and 60,000 square feet of new space.

Student Activities Fair, Brookings Quadrangle, Sept. 5, 2012.The National Pestigigious Society of Collegiate JugglersLeft to right:Amelia Snyder, sophomore in Environment, Biology.Max Wasserman, senior, Engineering, minor in Math and Physics.Photo by

The Activities Fair: A veritable buffet of fun!

It’s the second week of school, you have barley dipped your toe in the water and the options are already a mile wide and two miles deep, but the fun doesn’t stop there!


Coalition gives students another app option

WashU is one of the inaugural members of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. Meaning you now have a choice when it comes to your application for admission. We still accept the Common Application, but now also take the Coalition Application.


St. Louis Spotlight: The Muny

The Muny is this amazing place—basically Disneyland for someone like me. It is an outdoor theater that’s basically a big concert venue for musicals. It’s actually the largest outdoor theater in the world, and it seats about 11,000 people for each performance.

Counting Down to the Debate

The most highly anticipated event at WashU this fall is undoubtedly the presidential debate on Sunday October 9. At this particular moment it’s 55 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes, and 50 seconds away, but who’s counting


Smilin’ & Dialin’

It has over thirty computers, comfy chairs, a bathroom, a water cooler, and a fully equipped kitchen for all your primal needs. There is a projector to view your favorite motion pictures from your Netflix account on the big screen and from Sunday through Thursday from 3-9 there are always people there looking to hang out.



When you need somewhere to sleep on campus, these are the spots.


Foundations of Campus: a Rich History and Beautiful Future

One of the greatest appeals of Washington University, aside from the prestigious academics and legacy of excellence, is the campus itself. The beautiful grounds sprawling out to the west, flowers in full bloom, and sunshine dappling the green grass through grand oaks, flowing gingkoes, and delicate cherry trees, which all melt into splendid sepia in […]


ASA, a Cultural Group on Campus

My college transition story.


Study Spots

When at Wash U, or any university for that matter, you may be inclined to do some studying. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, it is essential to know the prime spots around campus to hit the books or at least pretend to.


Here we go!

Alrighty, high school class of 2017…we’re ready for you! The Common Application went live today, which means your college application process can start anytime!