St. Louis’ Pride: The Arch

In which I visit the gateway to St. Louis.

‘Summer days, slipping away’: My summer internships!

As I enjoy the last few days of my internships, I can’t believe how fast the time went by. I had a wonderful summer working for the Communications department at the Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer as well as writing for a group of local newspapers. Here’s a bit more about what I worked on this summer!

Countless cover letters: Applying for summer internships

Yes, it is true that you will receive far more nos than yesses. I definitely did. But what people don’t tell you is that the most common response you will receive will be absolute silence. Even after follow up emails, the large majority of places I contacted never responded to me. For a while it felt like I was shouting into the void, and every day I lost a little bit of hope of ever getting that miraculous “yes.” And then I did.

Understanding Scholarships & Student Financial Services

It is my sincerest hope that this blog post answers any general questions you have about SFS.

Uncertainty is Okay!

It is okay to be undecided. It is okay to not know what you want to do. In the midst of exploring your classes and extracurricular engagements, you will find what sparks your intellectual curiosity.

WashU on YouTube: An Interview with Desirae Bartos (’22)

The start of her channel was based on the purpose of illustrating diversity at WashU. Desirae says that she wants to show that “there are black women succeeding here and representation is super important”.

Supplemental Essay – Updated for the Class of 2024

First year applicants are asked to submit a supplemental essay in addition to the Common Application or Coalition Application Personal Essay. This supplemental essay will allow you to further express your interest in your academic area of choice.

WashU on YouTube: An Interview with Madi Mikay (’22)

Her channel is designed to make visualizing diversity easier for future students who want to apply here and envision their attendance.

Summer in STL Adventures: The Muny

The Muny season runs mid-June to mid-August, and throughout the season they’ll stage seven different musicals.

The Lollipop Moment

A lollipop moment is an experience involving an encounter or conversation that radically alters your outlook on the world. To the person relaying the comment, they may not think twice about it, but to you, their words are revolutionary.

My Favorite Study Spots

When I tell you that it seems like all WashU students do is eat, sleep, and study…and I am not exempt from that stereotype. So, here is a list of my favorite study spots on campus:

Summer in STL Adventures: Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park

If you’re confused by the name “Johnson’s Shut-Ins,” don’t worry, I was confused at first too. Contrary to the image my mind conjured of enclosed rock tunnels, the shut-ins are basically nature’s water park.


WILD Don’t worry this isn’t a typo or a random exclamation. W.I.L.D. stands for  “Walk In, Lay Down”. This name, or acronym to be more exact, refers to a movie screening event initially held in Brooking’s Quad. Students would gather together—bringing chairs and couches into the quad—to watch films. Ever since its creation in 1973, […]

Summer in STL Adventures: Fourth of July

Fair St. Louis happens every Fourth of July, and is “2 1/2 days of headlining musical acts, air shows, free family fun and amazing fireworks celebrating our nation’s independence.”

Summer in STL Adventures: Food Truck Friday

Looking for a fun Friday afternoon adventure filled with food, fun, and more dogs than you will find anywhere else? Look no further than Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park.

Million Dollar Question: Why WashU?

Some people have compared finding a college to your “wedding dress moment.” Others said it was the one they kept thinking back to, comparing other schools to. I fell into another camp altogether.

Why Now? Why WashU?

Hi y’all! Yes – even after spending a year in St. Louis, “y’all” is still an integral part of my vocabulary. My name is Kally Wendler, and I am from Houston, Texas. I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in Psychology. Why start blogging now? Because each day I go to work I fall in love with WashU all over again; I am continually reminded of why I chose this place, so naturally, the chance to share my story on an additional platform piqued my interest.

Campus I SPY: Round 2 (Round 1 Answers Included)

Here is the second round of Campus I SPY. Goodluck!