Why WashU

A little less than four years ago, I said yes to WashU. I said yes to moving across the country to a state I knew nothing about. I said yes to too many coffee-fueled nights in the library to count. I said yes to brilliant classmates and new friends who’d become an extension of my […]


Photo of the Week: Autumn

Forest Park is especially beautiful in the fall! This was taken outside of the St. Louis Art Museum on a beautiful autumn afternoon.


Olin senior fights hunger with successful business venture

Did you know you can feed the hungry just by ordering a meal (for yourself) at your favorite restaurant? Or that you can discover a new favorite restaurant, try a new dish, and – at no cost to you – give a meal to someone in need? Or should we say… GiftAMeal?


Classes To Take Before You Graduate

Wash U’s interdisciplinary education has equipped me with skills necessary to travel during my abroad experience. Each day, I use my knowledge to synthesize the plethora of new sights and cultural characteristics that I encounter. Wash U’s versatile course listings exist to nurture well-rounded students, and so, we must take advantage of all our school has to offer.

Pile of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces on White Background

Intersections Between Classes: Experimental Psychology, Physics of the Brain, Consumer Behavior – Oh My!

As we’re nearing the end of the semester, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what I believe to have been the most cohesive set of diverse classes I have ever taken simultaneously. As a tour guide, I introduce myself: “Hi, I’m Aaron! I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina, double majoring in Neuroscience and […]


Stressed? Go Take A Walk!

Hi guys! One thing that I have learned after 5 semesters of college is the importance of health. College isn’t just about getting good grades; it is also about treating your body right and staying healthy. With all the stress piling up, the best (and easiest) way to relax is to simply go take a walk around the beautiful campus!

Maya Lin

Photo of the Week: Maya Lin Talk

Last Thursday, the amazing architect and artist Maya Lin, came to speak in Graham Chapel. She’s most known for her design of the Vietnam Memorial, which she completed at age 21. Her lecture focused a lot on today’s environmental issues and how we can help. Check out her website whatismissing.net to learn more about how our environment has changed!


Mozart’s Requiem

What’s better than hearing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem in D minor performed live by one of the best symphony orchestras in the world? Last Saturday, I went to hear this incredible performance LIVE in Powell Hall with a couple of my friends. I can honestly say that this was one of the most exciting nights of the semester!


‘I’m thankful for…’

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, students in Arts & Sciences share in this video message what they’re grateful for this year.


Everything is Fine

In just a few weeks, the inevitable is coming: finals. And if there’s one thing everyone associates with finals, it’s stress.

Love Rally

Photo(s) of the Week: Love Rally

Last week I attended a “Love Rally” outside of the DUC where over a thousand people from Wash U and the communities beyond gathered to support one another in the wake of the election. People from local government, neighboring schools, and our own campus told stories, recited poetry, and sang songs of tolerance and inclusion.

Post-Election Discussion Group

Photo of the Week: Post-Election Open Discussion

Last night, around 150 students gathered together in Brookings quad for a Post-Election Open Discussion. The event was organized by two students and a professor who wanted to create a forum for all students to express their thoughts about the recent election in a safe, open-minded environment. It was really great to see how the community here fosters support and free speech, and I’m really happy I could attend.

also, look at how colorful the meal is!

Always make time for bananas

Hi everyone! If I had to describe myself as a foodie in two words, I would pick colorful and bananas. I am still trying to figure out which one describes me better. Is “colorfulananas” a word? 😛


University announces new fund for startups

WashU has added to its array of resources supporting entrepreneurship. Startups affiliated with the university may apply for a new venture-capital seed fund.


Diwali Dancer Spotlight: Kriti Prasad

Because I am abroad, I did not have the chance to see this year’s Diwali performance. I have always been interested in the different cultural and creative groups that Wash U has to offer, so of course, I was disappointed that I could not attend. I turned to my good friend, Kriti Prasad, so I could gain knowledge about the celebration even from miles away. Below, please find my interview with her.


New Study Spot: Law Library

Hey everyone! Have you ever been inside the law library yet? If not, it is the place to be when you need to actually concentrate and finish an assignment.


Washington University…IN ST. LOUIS

Confession time: I picked WashU for the school itself, not so much the location. In fact, if I could have picked up WashU and plunked it down smack-dab in the middle of a classic back-east college town, I probably would have. The thing is, living in St. Louis has ultimately been one of the best […]

Howl-o-ween Pet Parade

Photo(s) of the Week: Howl-o-ween Pet Parade

I knew it was going to be a good day when I stepped out my door to the sight of seven dogs in Halloween costumes. The Howl-o-ween Pet Parade on the Loop happened last Sunday and it was the cutest event I have ever photographed.