I Did Everything Fun In St Louis On My Birthday So Now You Don’t Have To

Let’s just cut right to the chase. As the title of this post suggests, I went all out on my 21st birthday this year filling up my entire last week of classes attempting to find the best activities in the St. Louis area. I have spent multiple birthdays in St. Louis since I was in […]

February: The Month of Love & Major Declarations

It is only natural that I’m very into Valentine’s Day. Twenty-four hours dedicated to mediocre boxed-chocolate and cheesy cards with declarations of love? Right up my alley.  I wish all declarations came in heart-shaped paper, accompanied by a rose and cherry-filled truffles. Although I’m sure my advisor would appreciate a nice card and a sleeve […]


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Speak to your SFS Counselor on Duty @ DUC!

SFS is Coming to YOU? As prospective students, many ask questions concerning the financial aspects of college. Parents and students all around the world wonder “Can I afford college now?”. And the answer to that question can be kind of tricky without the guidance of professionals. That is where Student Financial Service (SFS) swoops in […]

How I Fell in Love with Wash U

Hi again! I decided since I’m still new to WashU360 and there’s much you don’t know about me, it’d be helpful to share some of my story with you. As most of the audience reading this blog is incoming freshman and parents, I decided to tell you about how I discovered Wash U and why […]

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5 Things I Learned 1st Semester| WashU 360

Hey guys, I am finally done with my first semester and learned so much about life at WashU! Here’s my 5 things I learned 1st semester!

Silent Disco Night at Ursa’s

9 pm: I finish my shift at the Bear-y Sweet Shoppe and close up shop. My friends and I walk around the corner to Ursa’s Nite Life, the alternative night life programming space on campus. A curtain of metallic streamers hangs in the doorway and my glasses fog up immediately upon entering. Green, blue, and […]

Weekday Adventures: Jessica Hische and John Hendrix

“I am not special and that’s a good thing.”- Jessica Hische Jessica Hische is an illustrator, writer and letterer. She is a New York Times bestselling author, illustrated numerous book covers, and written her own books including In Progress, Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave, and her newest, Tomorrow I’ll be Kind. She has long been a […]

Why Wash U

Before my junior year of high school, I attended a summer writing program that changed my life. Before I found the program, I had never even heard of Wash U. After I arrived on campus, however, I felt a sense of safety and comfort that I hadn’t experienced on any other college campus. That first […]

Italian Cooking: Pizza

Buon Appetito! For all intents and purposes, this is our Italian final. The fire in the pizza oven on the patio pops and crackles, echoing in the snowy winter night. We are working the dough. Flattening it out, pressing from the pads of our fingers and rotating it in the air. We coax the dough […]

Weekend Adventures: AIGA Design Week

Each year, the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) St. Louis Chapter hosts a design week in the fall. This is a week of events such as tours of many local studios, keynote speeches, and portfolio reviews. Many events are free and others require an inexpensive $5-10 ticket. Either way, design week is highly recommended […]

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Study Break: Winter Finals

Autumn falls away and winter sets in, leaving college students with fresh snowfall, warm beverages and finals. While studying in Olin’s comfy couches with a cup of hot chocolate can be pretty cozy, there are other ways students can take advantage of the holiday season and take a break from the books. Kemper Kickback Kemper […]

A Community That Cares

Wash U dining services are among the unsung heroes of our campus. Every day hungry Wash U students bombard the facilities at unholy hours of the night in desperate search of pizza, half and halfs, yogurt, or very very large cups of coffee. Among all of our tireless dining staff, none are more resilient than […]

Writers World: Jane Brox Talk

“I am going to begin with a confession.” Jane Brox begins with this intriguing opening line. I await her her next words with anticipation, in the comfortable Hurst Lounge in Duncker Hall. It’s 8pm. Outside the windows, campus is dark causing the bright image of the room to reflect off the glass. The room is […]

What I Learned During My First Semester

It has officially been a week into my second semester of college. Over winter break, I had some time to reflect on my first semester at WashU, so here are three things I learned during my first semester of college! Time management is key to getting things done. I know it’s been said by everyone […]

Living on Udrive

It’s Saturday evening “in”. Popcorn popping in the microwave, a kettle whistling, hot chocolate poured into mugs and marshmallows plopped on top melting into sugary white swirls. We decide on the biggest laptop and plug the external DVD drive into it along with whatever studio Ghibli film borrowed from the WashU library this week. There’s […]

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Weekend Adventures: Maker’s Markets

Makers markets: wonderlands of handmade mugs, printmaker’s posters, saucy stickers and custom calendars. The perfect way to decorate a sparse dorm room with funky finds is to scavenge these markets. These markets come in all different shapes and sizes from mug markets hosted in small coffee shops, craft fairs hosted in large breweries, and print […]

Dual-Degree Engineering Students Can Have Fun Too!

Some would say one of the worst times during college is the week of final exams. I would be the one to say it is actually THE worst time during the semester. The whole idea behind cramming a semester’s worth of material for 5 different classes in one week, all to pass an exam that’s […]