Living and eating at a top-ranked university with top-ranked food

It’s no secret—the food here is good. You know it, I know it, we all know it. We always rank high (sometimes #1) on the college websites for our food. What can I say? We have our priorities in order. It’s important to know you’re coming to a school that feeds you well. Maybe that […]

AIGA Vote Poster Spray Booth

Photo(s) of the Week: Presidential Debate

Unsurprisingly, the photos this week come from the Presidential Debate held on our very own campus. In the hours before the event, I photographed many of the activities including the news stations and student-run booths.


Applying Early Decision

When humans make decisions, we can’t go back in time and test the alternative options. This concept is liberating. Even if I could see what would happen if I chose a different early decision school, I honestly wouldn’t. Wash U was the right early decision school for me.
I am a firm believer that someone’s environment impacts his or her growth. Wash U has shaped not only my academic life, but also my set of values. It has certain qualities that simply do not exist at other universities.


Back to Wash U (Part 2)

Hey guys! So last week, I interviewed my friend Kate again on her study abroad experience. This week, I decided to follow-up with another one of my friends, David, on his trip. David also studied abroad in Spain during the spring semester. He went there as a junior and took business courses in Madrid. Some friends and I actually just celebrated his birthday a few days ago! David is one of the most outgoing, goofiest, and dorkiest friends that I have. So of course, I took this as the perfect opportunity to check up with him on his journey!


Debate Weekend, or: My 5 Seconds of Fame

If you’ve turned on the news or been anywhere near St. Louis these past few weeks, you couldn’t have missed the anticipation in the air. Debate weekend was a blur of excitement for nearly everyone. In the few days leading up to Sunday, news crews from all around the US crowded onto campus to set […]


‘History is happening right here’

Take a look at this video that captures the energy of Debate Day across the WashU campus! Everyone got involved, and even students who didn’t get that lucky ticket into the Debate hall felt like they were witnessing history.

09.21.2016--Students in the Brookings Quad.
James Byard/WUSTL Photos

Tips from WashU’s application experts

When you call or email with a question about your application, our application processors are here with an answer. They know the ins and outs of the applications, the process, and the frequently asked questions. Now they’re sharing their tips for staying organized and keeping your stress to a minimum as you apply to colleges and universities.


October (my favorite month) at WashU

October is my favorite month. That’s saying a lot since my birthday is in July and I FREAKIN LOVE my birthday. I digress. October is my favorite month, and I think part of the reason for that comes from the way WashU has shaped what October means to me. Here are the things that make […]


Chancellor Mark Wrighton: ‘They’re seeing history’

And see what Chancellor Mark Wrighton says about why the university continues to host the debates. Here’s a hint: It involves the young people of our community, and the reality that, according to Wrighton, “they’re seeing history.”


First Photo of the Week: Debate Week

In anticipation for the Presidential debate being held on campus this Sunday, this week Brookings is sporting the American flag every night.

09.23.2016--Washington University student Sherry Xiao, who designed the Presidential Debate logo.
James Byard/WUSTL Photos

WashU senior designs presidential debate logo

A year ago, when Public Affairs intern Sherry Xiao was asked to design a logo for the 2016 Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis, she was more than a little surprised. She was thankful for the opportunity, however, and she did her research to design a simple but impactful logo. When Sherry returned to WashU this fall, she was amazed to see her design all across campus on posters, lamp post banners, and building signs – not to mention online, in the news, and on debate promotional items.


I Can’t Bey-Lieve It

Every once and a while, I’m reminded why I love living in St. Louis.


Back to Wash U

Last semester, I interviewed two of my good friends, Kate and David, who both studied abroad in Spain during the spring semester. Kate is one of my roommates this year—and I decided to interview again to follow-up on her experience. Now that she is back on campus, it is interesting to see how exactly studying abroad has changed her as a person as well as what her experiences have taught her.


My Study Spots: Revealed

With midterms just around the corner here in Florence (and at Wash U), I find myself seeking brightly lit cafes with free Wi-Fi for the optimal study experience. Although I enjoy these trendy atmospheres, I can’t help but wish I could transport Wash U’s reliable study spots here to Florence.


Update from Florence, Italy

I am currently studying abroad with Sam Fox’s College of Architecture here in Florence, Italy. After living in Florence for about a month now, I am eager to share my thoughts on living abroad. I cannot think of a better place to explore the arts. Florence has quickly become my home, welcoming me into its cobblestone maze and feeding me with outrageous food. I am lucky to be here.

10.22.2015--Julie Shimabukuro, Director of Admissions at WUSTL.
Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos

To apply ED, or not to apply ED…

That is the question.

We asked WashU Director of Admissions Julie Shimabukuro to share her thoughts about applying Early Decision. Here’s what she has to say!

Self-portrait on 35mm film

Hello World!

Hello world! My name is Katie and I’m excited to be starting a new photo series on this blog! If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a photographer and have been shooting for admissions for the past year. This year, I’m going to start putting those photos to use in a “Photo of the Week” series that I think will be very fun.


Real Talk: Internships and Resumes

Now that I’m in my final year at school, resumes and job applications are a very salient worry for me. The last thing I want to do is graduate from WashU and then immediately find myself in my parents’ house again with no career prospects. It’s especially nerve racking when I hear that my friends […]