How PL4Y SL4YED Friday Night

As a Korean-American, there are many parts of my heritage that I take pride in, and one of them is — big surprise — the music. Nowadays, K-POP is becoming a global phenomenon, and I no longer have to struggle to find another person who finds it as appealing as I do. One major aspect […]

Photo(s) of the Week: Ibtihaj Muhammad Talk

On Tuesday, the Muslim Students Association brought Ibtihaj Muhammed to speak in Graham Chapel. Muhammed was the first US athlete to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf that many Muslim women wear.

Club Featurette: Kendo Club

I came for the kendo, and stayed for the people.
Featuring a swordsmanship sport, the tea ceremony, Japanese culture, and community.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Asking for help in college is more productive and accepted than you might think! Trust me.

Veteran’s Day Celebration

Wash U consistently brings in influential speakers and the Veteran’s Day celebration held on Friday was no exception. Speakers at the event included U.S senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth and former VA secretary Robert A. McDonald. Besides those distinguished guests, there was also a panel of veterans who spoke to issues currently facing veterans, like […]

A Page from Last Spring Semester

In which the freshman seminar I’d chosen on a whim became my favorite class of the semester.

Lights, Lanterns, and Laughter

Eureka! Missouri, that is.

That is the name of the town I found myself in last Saturday night. Huddled around a fire, s’more in hand, I was looking to the sky.

The Fist-Year Experience Through the Eyes of a WUSA

Washington University Student Associates (WUSA) work to make the WashU first-year experience one-of-a-kind.

A story of new experiences

Simone’s college story is about new experiences. And not just the away-from-home-for-the-first-time kind. The senior psychological and brain sciences major has taken advantage of every opportunity she’s stumbled across to try new things, figure out what she enjoys, and grow as a person.

Who Would’ve Thought?

If you had told me two years ago that I would be ever standing in front of 150 sorority girls, reading a speech about how they should elect me to represent them in any way, I would tell you that you had the wrong girl. It’s not something I could have pictured, but I’m so happy with it. 

Roaming around Renaissance Rome

It’s a Tuesday, 4pm. The fifth hour of class for the day is over but there’s one more class to go before I can chill for the day. Instead of being tired and ready to call it a day, I’m looking forward to traveling to Rome. OK – so maybe my travels will more abstract […]

Founders Day Festivities with Anderson Cooper!

Each year, the Wash U Alumni Association commemorates the university’s founding in 1853 by inviting a keynote speaker to give a brief speech and answer student questions. From Colin Powell to Margaret Thatcher, the speakers are always extremely interesting, engaging, and impressive.

Pshhh. Yoga? Try Tai Chi!

I’m taking a Tai Chi class at the U College now and it is one of the best choices I’ve made all semester.

Photo(s) of the Week: Senior Trip

This Fall Break over 500 seniors made the trek to Chicago, IL for the annual Senior Trip! We got to stay in the beautiful Marriot hotel and spend the weekend exploring the city.

The Meaning of ‘Family’

Even when your homesickness is at its peak, WashU will be there.

A Musical Halloween

How my Halloween spirit was displayed only through my violin.

Alum Lizzy Christ named NCAA Woman of the Year

We would like to congratulate Lizzy Christ, a May 2017 graduate, who was recently named NCAA Woman of the Year! Lizzy earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and received a number of accolades while at WashU for her work both on the soccer field and in her academic and research endeavors.

Confession of a procrastinator who applied Early Decision

As someone who is powered by deadlines (meaning “early” does not exist in my dictionary), what made me submit my early decision application weeks before the deadline and how did it turn out?